Shayne Tilley

Shayne, the artist formerly know as The Web Marketing Ninja, is a regular on the ProBlogger blog. Like a true ninja, he uses a combination of skill, judgment, discipline and more than ten years of industry experience to drive his approach or online marketing.

Shayne’s loves working at the heart of growing online businesses. From product management and innovation through to monetization techniques, community development, support and social media.

With a reputation for professionalism and profits, it’s no surprise that the Shayne is practical, to-the-point, and applies a strong set of values to everything he does. He’s delighted to be able to help bloggers build lasting businesses with proven digital marketing techniques.

Shayne is proud to have authored The Bloggers Guide To Marketing, and Online Marketing Inside Out and can be found @Shaynet on twitter.

Shayne will be sharing his tips and strategies on Email Marketing for Bloggers


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