Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Every time we ask PBEVENT attendees for suggestions on speakers for future events, Pat Flynn’s name is always mentioned. On each occasion, my ears have pricked up because I’ve long admired the way Pat goes about his blogging and more-so – how he shares with others what he knows.

Pat threw himself into the online world after being laid off from a job in 2008 and has documented his numerous ventures on Smart Passive Income where he is literally an “open book” about what he’s trying, what he’s learning, how he’s succeeding and how he’s failed. There’s no hype with Pat – just a guy working hard and telling it like it is with good practical advice.

It’s that approach that made him high on my list of speakers to approach for this year’s event. I just know he’s going to pack his presentation “How to turn your casual readers into raving fans” with useful, practical and actionable teaching – you won’t want to miss it!

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