Laney Galligan

Ngahuia “Laney” Galligan is General Manager of ProBlogger and the founder and director of Agents of Influence, a service focused on bespoke brand partnerships for bloggers beyond the sponsored post. Laney has secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships for bloggers and events, and is a skilled corporate negotiator and sales professional. Her main focus is on long term sponsorships and professionalising how independent influencers work with agencies and brands. When she’s not helping people earning a living from their passion (or on Slack with the PB team), you’ll find her on the roller derby track or spinning a hula hoop.

Strategy, Ideas & Inspiration Session

How Do I Get My Blog/Podcast/Project/Event #Sponsored?

Change your perspective on what sponsorship is, and you’ll have a better chance of being sponsored. Sponsorship is not ‘the money you get paid to do something’. It’s an investment in an asset (that’s you) with an audience that seeks a return for the sponsor. Laney will show you how to define your value proposition, demonstrate how you can provide a return to your sponsor and how to manage the whole process for a successful partnership.

You’ll learn:

  • What can be sponsored and by who?
  • The importance of relationships and how to manage them
  • How to customise your value proposition for your ideal sponsor
  • What you should put in a proposal to increase your chances of success
  • How to report back to your sponsor and continue your partnership
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